Top Tips for Snagging Awesome Deals on Patio Furniture This Summer

By RL - June 05, 2020

Warmer weather promises afternoons in the sunshine enjoying the yard and garden. Whether you enjoy sitting on the front porch to greet neighbors and watch the clouds roll by or you prefer a more private setting in the privacy of your backyard, you’ll likely be looking for stylish patio furniture to add ambiance. By following these simple tips found here on this page, you’ll be sure to find the very best deals on patio furniture.

To begin with, decide what pieces you may actually want or need and then measure your area to see what’s feasible. Less can be more in any living space. Only buy large pieces that are functional for the way you live. If you like entertaining, look to purchase plenty of seating options and side tables where guests can put their drinks and plates. If you and your family enjoy dining al fresco, measure your space to see what size and shape a dining table could be. If you favor lounging, look for comfy cushions, hammocks, and swinging chairs. Only purchasing furniture that you actually need will allow you to maximize your outdoor space without it feeling crowded or tacky.

Big box stores and online companies have sales on outdoor items all the time. It can be well worth your time and money to wait patiently to snag these discounts. If you can wait… and then wait some more, you might even benefit from some clearance deals or floor sample sales!

If you’re struggling to see how you could possibly afford stylish patio furniture on a budget, consider buying pieces just one at a time. Full patio sets can easily set you back a few hundred if not a couple of thousand dollars. Consider starting with a pair of chairs that would match other main pieces you’re looking to buy. Keep your eye on bigger items and snag them as they pop up for sale. Look at getting a dining table next and then adding more chairs as you can afford them. Outdoor bistro sets are usually much cheaper than full dining sets so search for products online to see if this style fits what you’re looking for. Finally, add accessories to finish off the look. If you approach these purchases strategically, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out how much money you actually can save.

Already have a few pieces in your outdoor space? Don’t think you’ll have to wait until you can purchase an entirely new patio set. Instead, think about reusing and upgrading what you already have. If some of your pieces are made of metal, you could easily spray paint them to coordinate with a new color scheme. Certain types of spray paint are indicated for outdoor use (check online or in stores before purchasing). If you already have some wooden patio furniture, consider staining it with a different finish or paint it. Finally, adding new outdoor cushions and throw pillows to your existing patio furniture might be helpful as you work towards purchasing your dream set.

Look to buy outdoor items in early May, right before the summer season rush really takes off, or in August/September when stores have already stocked for back-to-school or the winter season. They’ll be wanting to move out their summer inventory and prices will likely be slashed.

When buying new patio items, remember to buy for the climate where you live. Different materials react differently to variations in weather. Aluminum absorbs heat and in certain sunny and hot climates can cause furniture to heat so much it can scorch your hands or legs. Untreated metal outdoor furniture will rust more quickly in rainy and humid climates. Some furniture can warm or become discolored if left out in lots of rain, direct sun, or snow. Wood can show noticeable signs of wear when left in excessive humidity. Windy areas wreak havoc on lighter patio items, often made with lightweight plastic. Sturdy wrought iron would be the way to go when dealing with frequent high winds, such as near some coastal regions. Store patio furniture correctly from the get-go. Weather wear and tear can have devastating effects on your furniture and your wallet. Cover any items that can’t easily be stored in a shed or the garage. This includes fire pits, chairs, tables, and barbecues. Bring textiles indoors – curtains, pillows, and cushions – to avoid mold and mildew. Everything should have a proper off-season home.

There are plenty of retailers to choose from when looking for patio furniture: Wayfair, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowes, Overstock, Walmart, Target, and IKEA to name just a few. Check some of these to look for affordable lighting options, pots and planters, and additional seating. Lighting can make a huge (and affordable) difference when setting the mood outdoors. Path lighting and string lights are popular choices. Plastic, rubber, and aluminum armchairs are more affordable than stainless steel and wicker but the trade-off is how long each of these materials will last outdoors over the years.