Top Tips for Finding the Best Lawn Care Services Near You

By RL - June 05, 2020

It’s that time of year again when the lawn starts growing, the flowers start blooming and the weeds start becoming a nuisance. Many people opt for professional lawn care services in order to keep their grass greener than the other side. Plenty of companies offer lawn maintenance with a vast variety of service plans that respond to specific needs. Don’t know when to fertilize? Aren’t sure when to trim that lilac? Confused about the ever-present battle with weeds? Enlisting lawn care services might be the perfect answer to all those landscaping care and maintenance questions. It doesn’t necessarily need to cost an arm and a leg to get high-quality, reliable service either. We’ve done some of the research here for what to watch for, which questions to ask, and how to find the best lawn care near.

It’s always a safe bet to start by requesting a lawn analysis. Trustworthy companies will offer to evaluate your lawn’s unique needs, taking into consideration the type and condition of the soil and the specific intended uses for the lawn (aesthetic versus using the space for kids’ play, for example). Evaluating local climate is also an essential element, as precipitation and sunshine both make a difference for landscape growth.

Beyond basic lawn treatment, excelling companies also offer targeted weed interventions. Weeds are identified and an action plan is decided upon to treat the lawn – so the summer includes more outdoor enjoyment and less back pain and annoyance. Asking a few companies for their tailored options will help narrow down the search a bit. A comprehensive targeted weed control plan can help if your lawn is more susceptible to these unwanted return visitors than others. Effectively eliminating and preventing the spread of weeds can drastically reduce the amount of lawn care you may need in the years to come.

Do they inspect for harmful pests? Do they check the lawn for disease? How do they intervene with weed issues? Are they able to get the grub takeover under control?

A company that truly understands how to effectively fertilize a lawn and aerate it is one to keep on the short list. A service provider needs to know during which season to fertilize to optimize results, see plant stimulation, and maintain healthy growth. Fertilizer programs need to be balanced and help your lawn look good no matter what the weather conditions might be. The end goal: a lush and resilient landscaped look that is something to be proud of, regardless of dry spells or potential disease. You’re looking for more than just a quick grass cut. If you’re paying for services, you’ll want to make sure there aren’t dandelions appearing just two days after your lawn maintenance, or that there’s not a caterpillar community that decides your sunny space is an ideal spot for its members’ retirement plans. Can the company offer efficient solutions for mosquito control? If you need care for trees and shrubs, make sure to mention this on the initial phone call when discussing your specific needs. Pruning and tailoring shrubs takes some talent and knowledge of a wide variety of plants’ needs so ask before a visit.

Are you interested in organic lawn care? Not all companies mention this on their website but if you ask the right questions, some services have an alternative organic choice. These organic options can work for weeds and fertilization, and ensures that you and your family still maintain the priorities that are near and dear to your unique values and interest. Ask specific questions: what is the exact blend that is used in the fertilizer? Is the company certified organic or do they offer certified options beyond their basic service plans? If so, are their all-natural interventions effective enough to keep your weed situation under control over the months? Even if you don’t request or require organic products, you may want to check to see if the liquid weed control applications are pet-friendly.

Exceptional lawn care providers will offer feedback after each visit. Not every company offers this option so ask if that’s a possibility. Workers then monitor progress, note any issues with potential disease or pests, and provide a comprehensive look at improvements over time. Sometimes lawn experts even offer watering and mowing advice for you to use between scheduled visits.

Finally, check to see if the corporation is certified with the Better Business Bureau. Nabbing a company that has a high rating can be promising for your lawn results and ensure the best possible customer service available. Requesting a satisfaction guaranteed policy can help ease worries about possible poor results if using a company for the first time. Enjoying your surrounding landscape should come with as few worries as possible. Lawn care and maintenance can be affordable without compromising high-quality and reliable service.