Move Fast With an Online Degree

By RL - June 05, 2020

Web-based education programs have become more widely available, something mostly unheard of only 25 years ago. Highly regarded and fully accredited institutions and colleges now offer programs to students of all ages. So, whether the need is distance learning, studying while working a full-time job, or just wanting the option of learning online, getting an online degree has become an increasingly popular choice.  The important thing however is to research the available options such as the ones listed in this article.

Many may wonder if they will still have the same employment opportunities after receiving the degree online. We’ve been looking into online options and we’ve done our research so you can find what you need right here. Reputable online degrees might offer affordable education, which might in turn mean a solid investment for your career. Here’s what you need to know about online degrees and if one’s right for you:

According to research completed by the Babson Survey Research Group, online education has steadily increased by more than 7% for public colleges and universities from 2015-2016. In the fall semester of 2017 alone, approximately 3 million higher-education students enrolled in online education programs. Those numbers are increasing every single year in the United States.

All students have equal access to virtual learning options no matter where they actually live. Students enjoy flexibility and experience much fewer scheduling conflicts. Many students who both study and work daytime hours are not able to take part in face-to-face programs. Similar to completing a degree on-site, on campus, and in person,  professors in an online education program tend to deliver traditional lectures via videos that remain accessible beyond the course’s allocated meeting time. Getting an online degree then becomes the most viable choice.

Many students weigh the cost of living remotely versus living on campus to make their final choices whether getting an online degree is the right option for them. Financial aid is often available for online education and similar resources exist, such as access to virtual libraries, video conferencing meetings with resource personnel, etc. Online degrees also offer the added bonus of not having to spend more cash on extra commuting costs or spending a cent on parking! Time is money, definitely of high value. So, anything saved in that area is a benefit.

First off, it’s important to properly research the educational institutions that are most interesting for your unique job prospects. Online colleges and institutions must hold the proper credentials and their online programs should be adequately accredited. Undergraduate and graduate-level programs are accredited in very similar ways among schools. The curriculum across many programs is often standardized.

U.S. News has been a leading source for many years in rankings for educational institutions. The publication has included the best online programs in their rankings for the last 9 years. U.S. News’ 2020 list was just made public and some notable colleges and universities that provide high-quality online degrees made the cut. Among these were included the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Ohio State University- Columbus, The University of Illinois- Chicago, and the University of Southern California.

Some of the top recruiters and employers across the nation are looking for graduates from these reputable schools and online programs to make a difference in the workplace. Home health and personal care aides are often sought after to work directly in people’s homes. They help individuals with eating, dressing, and bathing, among other things. From this position, many choose to move on to becoming a certified nursing assistant. Physician assistants with online graduate degrees have the potential of earning an average of more than $104,000 per year, according to College Consensus US. With a 37% growth rate in this profession, pursuing an online master’s degree in Physician Assistance is a smart choice for those thinking ahead. Online degrees are available for those wanting to become an information security analyst. Degrees at the associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels are often sought out and include everything you need to know about cybersecurity, the most cutting-edge software programs, and this knowledge may lead to a career in either the public or private sector. Business analytics programs delivered online can lead to a fulfilling career as an operations research analyst.

No matter what the career path that is being followed, an online degree can undoubtedly move someone along in the right direction. The most important thing is always to research reputable institutions and then contact them to see what their specific enrollment requirements are. Make sure to ask about potential opportunities upon graduation and to check if further accreditation would be needed to land the job of your dreams!